The world's fastest HCI platform
1 Million IOPs per VM per Blade
What is Sunlight?
New Hypervisor technology; purpose built for the cognitive workload era
  • 1 Million IOPS per VM per Blade
  • Best performing virtualised network stack
  • Virtualisation at near baremetal performance
  • Fault tolerant across
Powerful Dashboard
Software defined Storage and Networking
  • Configurable stack for optimizing Database, 5G, AI, ML and Big data workloads
Flexible cost model
Two available options
1 Million IOPs per VM per Blade
  • Blade Specs:
  • 40 CPU cores
  • 192GB RAM
  • 4TB NVMe Flash storage
  • 2 x10GBit ethernet ports
Pay as you go hardware appliance
  • Get a hardware appliance with the software stack already installed
  • One monthly fee for everything
  • Zero commit. Scale up or down at any time
Up to 4 blades per chassis
Powerful Dashboard
Acceleration Card
1 Million IOPs per VM
  • Dual fabric attached NVMe flash storage drives (up to 16TB per card)
  • The fastest Hyper-converged storage and Networking
  • Instantly upgrade any server with the Sunlight Acceleration Card
  • The whole system boots off the card. No extra installation required
  • Zero commit. Scale up or down at any time
200 Gbit/s Ethernet access
  • Dual 100 Gbit/s QSFP ethernet ports
Powerful Dashboard
Deploy in Intel Xeon server with 16-lane PCI gen-3 bus for peak performance
Powerful Dashboard
Intuitive & User Friendly UI
Real Time Analytics
Instant insight into platform-wide performance and health status. Real-time updates of I/O stats, hardware failures, storage health.
Next Generation HCI Platform
Near baremetal performance for virtualized CPU, network and storage I/O. Performance scales linearly with hardware capabilities.
Physical Infrastructure Visualization
Visual locality maps provided for all physical resources across the rack. Fault tolerance at the blade, chassis and rack level ensures rack-scale outages can be tolerated.
Multi-layer Resource Management
Supporting both high-level automation policies and fine-grain control and isolation of physical (CPU cores, DRAM, storage and Network I/O devices) to virtualized resources.
Who is Sunlight? is a spin-out of OnApp, the company powering over 1 in 3 of all the public clouds for MSPs, telcos and large hosting providers around the world. is releasing the fastest hyper-converged technology platform on the market today based on cutting edge technology, formerly developed in the OnApp Emerging Technologies lab, components of which have been in production systems helping to power the public cloud for over 5 years. is headquartered in Cambridge, UK with group companies around the world, including the US. The company is backed by a world class team of engineers, with expertise in low level hardware design, firmware/drivers, hypervisors, storage and network IO, cloud management/orchestration and web UI technologies.
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